The Moon Inside You for teens

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If playback isn’t smooth (this happens on Vimeo especially when watching HD video on slower internet connections), please hit the pause button and wait for a while. You can also download the video for free, burn it on a DVD and share it with your friends. Just open the video page on Vimeo and click on “Download” button below the video description. The movie has been released under Creative Commons 4.0 NC-ND license, which means that you can legally make copies and use them for non-commercial purposes. The production cost us money, so please consider donating if you can. Thank you for your generosity. And thank you for spreading the word!

What is menstruation? What changes in a young girl’s life when it first arrives?

Monthlies is a coming of age story of girls that are about to face a new period of their lives. Along with them the young spectator explores the colorful female world hidden behind the everyday reality. What starts as innocent curiosity turns into a witty and emotional trip of exploring the female body and new range of emotions. Read more.

Monthlies is a spin-off of our successful documentary film The Moon Inside You external (IMDb 7.9). It is specifically made with teenagers in mind and for them. In December 2012 we ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo external to make this movie happen. It’s you, our fans, as well as our wonderful sponsors who made this film possible. People often ask us how they can help even after the campaign is over: you can either donate via paypal towards our distribution costs and/or simply spread the word about our film by sharing our website or our facebook page external.